Saturday, November 19, 2011

Birthing Classes

No one told me this is the way she was going to get out...... Just kidding!

Last night and today Jon and I attended Birthing Classes. I know I am only 26 weeks and it was a little early, but I figured with the holidays and then the start of snowmobiling season we better get them in now. Plus Jonny is a little squeamish when is comes to blood, needles and medical procedures, this was a little test to see if he could survive child birth. 
(And by the way he passed.)

This little poster greeted us as we started class. It just made me laugh. Poor little baby is all doped up on mommy's bad decisions. 
Friday nights class was excellent!  We learned all the anatomy of pregnancy and the Baby... it is truly amazing what the female body is capable of. 

Saturday morning started with the empathy belly. Doesn't Jon make a cute pregnant lady?

He was a good sport! He decided to do jumping jacks and quickly learned that Empathy Bump was pressing right on his bladder. 

And of course he always has a 'lil Captain in him.

A few thing I learned from birthing class:

1-Natural Child birth... am I crazy? Maybe a little, but I am seriously considering it.
2- I have a very supporting and loving partner.
3- Deep meditative breathing is better then a nap.
4- Right before the baby's head crowns it is the most frightening sight in the world!!!!! Don't look!!!

The classes were excellent and it made her up coming entrance into the world that much more real and exciting. We are beyond excited to meet her!
P.S. Isn't he the cutest giant ever!!!

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