Monday, December 26, 2011


 Shock and awe...

 Spolied Mama...

 Baby is officially a U of U fan...
The Love Bug...check out the outfit.

Baby bumps... I wanted to make them kiss, but Lacey thought that was weird.
Two cute boys...
Grumpy Avarie...

Marsha's new BLING!

The Giant and me...
Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another pregnancy perk.....

The leg cramp!!!!

Last night I had some of the most horrific leg cramps on the face of the earth, not once, not twice but three times! They were so bad they literally took my breath away.

At about 3:30am I shoot straight up in bed and start flailing around, Jon sit up, panicked.

Jon -"What's the matter!!!!????"
Me- "Cccccrrrraaammmppp!"
Jon- "Oh my God you are in labor?"
Me- "No...ahh ahhh, leg cramp!"
Jon- "oh"

Today it feel like someone ripped my calve muscles off my leg and then nailed them back on. Ouchy! I drink tons of water, eat my bananas and walk every hour on the hour... so why the hell am I getting leg cramps??!!

To make myself feel better I threw on some sassy tights and my boots. Might as well look good... right?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


For those of you who know my husband... you know that he is quite the character. Sometimes his filter just doesn't work. Like when he decided my new nickname was "Muffin Top" or "Big Girl". I think most of you would agree no woman would ever think these nicknames are appropriate or cute.

Yesterday we had an interesting telephone conversation. It went a little something like this.

Jon- "Hey muffins! I saw your new picture on Facebook."
Me- "Yeah when did my ass get so big?"
Jon-"Oh, I noticed that a while ago."
Me (laughing)- "Why would you say that?"
In the back ground, my coworker Nichole- "Oh no... what did he say now?"
Jon- "Do you want me to lie to you?"
Me- "About that.... "YES!!!!"
Jon- "So if you are dressed like a pompous asshole or have gained some weight I shouldn't tell you?"
Me (still laughing)- "NO!!!! Go ask the guys you work with if they would ever say that to their wives."
Jon- "Well do you want me to be the guys I work with or me?"
Me (still laughing)- "The guys you work with when it comes to this!"
Jon- "Ok."
Me (still laughing)
Jon- "Glad I can make you laugh. You are not going to tell your coworkers what I said are you?"
Me (still laughing)- "Yes, I am."
Jon- "Oh Ok... love you."

I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I am sure he is not going to be happy with me posting this on my blog, because he thinks people will think he is an asshole. But it was too funny not to share, besides his lack of a filter is one of the many things I love about him!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

30 Weeks

Oh my aching back... The Baby Bump has officially turned into a Baby Belly with childbearing hips!
Check it out.. I am not lying!

The waddle from 2 weeks ago has morphed into this strange version of the Don Bawden shuffle. For those of you who don't know what the Don Bawden shuffle is... let me try and paint a picture.

Imagine a penguin, with arthritis and artificial hips. Now imagine when this penguin stands up, he lets out a great moan and then takes 5 to 10 small steps in a jerky like fashion, before he gains momentum. Slowly as he gains his momentum, his gait become smoother and more relaxed. That is the Don Bawden shuffle. That is the Katie Hunter pregnancy waddle.

Now I shouldn't make fun of my poor old dad... but it is what I do best. I always thought I would turn into a wilder version of my mother... but if pregnancy has taught me anything, it is that I am turning into my father, well at least his walk.

Monday, December 5, 2011

His smile!

Look at this smile...

There are a hundred things I love about this guy, but this smile has to be in the top 3! It just melts my heart... If I am angry, it sooths me. If I am grumpy, it makes me smile. If I am gloomy, it lifts my spirits. All he has to do is smile at me and the world seems right.

I have spent many hours day dreaming about what she will look like... Will she have my nose? Will she have his eye? Will she be petite like me or a giant like him?

All I know for sure is I hope she has her Daddy's smile. There is nothing better in this world then Jonny's cheshire cat grin!