Friday, April 27, 2012

Katie In Mommy Land

Hello world! I know I have been a little MIA the last 10 weeks... I like to call it the "Mommy Rabbit Hole". But I don't feel like Alice, I feel like a strange version of my old self. Over the last 10 weeks I have had the greatest intentions of blogging, cleaning the house or even taking a shower, but mommyhood is not that glamours... So now I have to catch you all up on 10 weeks in the life as the Human Pacifier.

Keaton Emme Hunter
Feburary 15, 2012
6lbs 4oz
18 inches

Daddy and his girl!

And Aunt Emme

Birth was my favorite part of pregnancy... I am serious!I could not have asked for a more loving and supportive team. Jon and Emily kept me calm and focused. I love them both very much and I am so happy they were both there to help me breathe, cry and laugh through labor and delivery.

So now to the Human Pacifier part.... the pain of birth is nothing in comparison to the pain of breastfeeding... no one prepared me for this!!!! It's like an electric shocking titty twister...I completely hate it! I use to think I wanted big boobs... ah no thanks, they hurt when I run, they are always in the way and they leak. Don't judge.... I feel like a BIG fat milk cow! But I am sticking to it... for now.

Colic is a BITCH! Seriously! I don't know how many tears I cried and how many days I wished I was at work rather than stuck in the mommy rabbit hole. But with lots or support from my husband and encouragement from my mom and sisters and a complete change in my diet Bug's tummy is finally settled! She is the happiest, cutest baby EVER! (I am not bias... ok maybe a little) She has been smiling since birth! Here are a few pictures to prove it!

Ok...Ok... enough with her CUTENESS!!!

As many of you know I am CDO (OCD but I like my letters in order). No one told me that my house would never be princess clean again... nowadays cleaning consist of a free hour here and there... now I know why all the "nesting" was so critical. But I am starting to get it down, instead of cleaning and do laundry all day on Saturday, I tackle one chore a day. And if I get a batch of laundry done, folded and put away I feel good. Oh, how the perfectionist has fallen.

Mommyhood is the most trying, beautiful and rewarding thing I have ever experienced, when Bug smiles at me all seems right... (yes she did get her Daddy's smile!) 

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's the Final Countdown.....


Yes I said two days and Little K will be here!

I attempted to blog last week at work, but those jerks blocked the site... Sheesh it's like they expect me to work while I am there... Apparently they are not wise to my Word's with Friends addiction.

39 weeks... check out this massive baby bump! Thankfully by face, bum and arms still dont look pregnant!

I have been thinking... I need to star in my own TLC program, no... not Jonny and Katie plus 80, but rather Extreme Nester's... kind of like Extreme Couponing but much more neurotic and entertaining. I realized I was an Exterme Nester when even my OCD friends (you know who you are) started making fun of my baby preperations. So what if I organized the linen closet? And maybe I organized the baby's clothes according to size, color, sleeve length and so on. I toyed with the idea of scrubbing the grout and resealing the tile, but then I decided the chemicals involved may cause the baby to grow a third arm or something. Alas all the nesting preperations are done, and I am just left to wait for this little bundle of joy! I have started my list of Baby Vacation projects... Her bathroom needs to be painted, decorated and adorable, or she just might not like it, right?!

2 more days!

2 more days!

Mommy is excited!

Monday, January 30, 2012

The ripe cervix

I feel like a piece of fruit! On Thursday I went to the doctor for my 36 week appointment and I was dilated to a 1 1/2 and 60% effaced. As I sat up he said  "Good job! I would not expect this from a first time mommy. We call this cervix ripening. Make sure you bags is packed baby could come any day now or 4 weeks from now...."

Ahhh all I could picture was a over ripe banana. And then the panic set in... wait she can come any day,  I know I bitch constantly about being pregnant, but I am not ready. My list are not complete! I don't have BIG girl panties I cant really wear a G-string home from the hospital, I don't have nursing bras, I don"t have her swing, Jonny need to put her dresser and the glider together, I haven't washed her clothes, her room is not perfect. I need to clean the master bathroom, vacuum and mop. PANIC TOTAL PANIC!

On Friday after no sleep because my OCD or Donnie-isms had kept me up all night, I left work early did a little shopping and spent the weekend doing laundry and cleaning and now I feel ready. Actually more then ready.... now I just want her to come so we can meet her. Well maybe she can stay in there for a week or two more, I am sure there are some additional things I could get reorganizing the linen closest. Oh crap I am nesting again!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Words with Friends is like CRACK...

but more addictive.

Seriously...... Words with Friends is ruining my life. I have been neglecting this little blog of mine, losing sleep, wasting time at work... It really has become an addiction. I am doing it with my husband, my friends and random strangers. Does anyone else see a problem with this?! I keep telling myself this is the last game, but I can't stop! I think I need to start working a 12 step program or at the very least give it up and start the grieving process. The first in both of these plans is denial, right?

Ok good, then I don't have a problem.

Between my addiction to Words and "nesting" I have not blogged in years... months... or maybe it is just weeks! So let me catch my two loyal followers up.

As mentioned above I have been "nesting". I like to call it Saturday fun... but whatever! A little steam cleaning of the oven and dishwasher, washing all the walls in the house, wiping out and reorganizing the cupboards, adding shelves and organizational items to the laundry room, steaming the washer... the list goes on and on. I wanted to wash all the windows inside and out but Jon vetoed that. He never lets me have any fun!

I am 35 weeks... almost 36 weeks and this kiddo has dropped!
Mama got a new car. A 2011 Chevy Malibu with all the bells and whistles. I love it!

I did a little shopping for the baby...

We are getting really excited to meet this little girl.

I will try and be better about updating my blog over the next few weeks.... but for now can anyone help me think of a word using J U I D Z H or N?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

47 days and counting

33 weeks

Is it strange that I am looking forward to giving birth???...

Sure I am excited to see this little girl, but what I am more excited about is to not be pregnant anymore! I know that giving birth is going to be painful and hard, but it will only last a day or so and honestly has to be better then the last 33 weeks.

The nausea is back.
The vomiting is back.
The pure lack of motivation to even comb my hair is back.
The hourly trips to the bathroom to pee a table spoon are annoying.
My boobs and belly seem to be growing by the minute.
My ribs are tender and bruised from her gymnastics.
I am FAT and BIG, which are four letter words in my vocabulary!
I am exhausted, but I can't sleep.

At least I still have my fashion sense....

Monday, December 26, 2011


 Shock and awe...

 Spolied Mama...

 Baby is officially a U of U fan...
The Love Bug...check out the outfit.

Baby bumps... I wanted to make them kiss, but Lacey thought that was weird.
Two cute boys...
Grumpy Avarie...

Marsha's new BLING!

The Giant and me...
Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another pregnancy perk.....

The leg cramp!!!!

Last night I had some of the most horrific leg cramps on the face of the earth, not once, not twice but three times! They were so bad they literally took my breath away.

At about 3:30am I shoot straight up in bed and start flailing around, Jon sit up, panicked.

Jon -"What's the matter!!!!????"
Me- "Cccccrrrraaammmppp!"
Jon- "Oh my God you are in labor?"
Me- "No...ahh ahhh, leg cramp!"
Jon- "oh"

Today it feel like someone ripped my calve muscles off my leg and then nailed them back on. Ouchy! I drink tons of water, eat my bananas and walk every hour on the hour... so why the hell am I getting leg cramps??!!

To make myself feel better I threw on some sassy tights and my boots. Might as well look good... right?