Monday, February 13, 2012

It's the Final Countdown.....


Yes I said two days and Little K will be here!

I attempted to blog last week at work, but those jerks blocked the site... Sheesh it's like they expect me to work while I am there... Apparently they are not wise to my Word's with Friends addiction.

39 weeks... check out this massive baby bump! Thankfully by face, bum and arms still dont look pregnant!

I have been thinking... I need to star in my own TLC program, no... not Jonny and Katie plus 80, but rather Extreme Nester's... kind of like Extreme Couponing but much more neurotic and entertaining. I realized I was an Exterme Nester when even my OCD friends (you know who you are) started making fun of my baby preperations. So what if I organized the linen closet? And maybe I organized the baby's clothes according to size, color, sleeve length and so on. I toyed with the idea of scrubbing the grout and resealing the tile, but then I decided the chemicals involved may cause the baby to grow a third arm or something. Alas all the nesting preperations are done, and I am just left to wait for this little bundle of joy! I have started my list of Baby Vacation projects... Her bathroom needs to be painted, decorated and adorable, or she just might not like it, right?!

2 more days!

2 more days!

Mommy is excited!


  1. Hi, my name is Sherrie and I have OCD :-(

  2. congrats katie, this is SO exciting!! <3

  3. Oh my heck Katie congrats...I got your blog address off of facebook and I am just so thrilled about your little girl!!! So fun!!! My only piece of advice for a new mom is just remember she wont cry forever and you wont be deprived of sleep forever...I remember with my first I thought my life was going to be that way forever!!! Hopefully she is a dream baby and you will sail right through!!! Good luck you cute little momma!!!