Monday, January 30, 2012

The ripe cervix

I feel like a piece of fruit! On Thursday I went to the doctor for my 36 week appointment and I was dilated to a 1 1/2 and 60% effaced. As I sat up he said  "Good job! I would not expect this from a first time mommy. We call this cervix ripening. Make sure you bags is packed baby could come any day now or 4 weeks from now...."

Ahhh all I could picture was a over ripe banana. And then the panic set in... wait she can come any day,  I know I bitch constantly about being pregnant, but I am not ready. My list are not complete! I don't have BIG girl panties I cant really wear a G-string home from the hospital, I don't have nursing bras, I don"t have her swing, Jonny need to put her dresser and the glider together, I haven't washed her clothes, her room is not perfect. I need to clean the master bathroom, vacuum and mop. PANIC TOTAL PANIC!

On Friday after no sleep because my OCD or Donnie-isms had kept me up all night, I left work early did a little shopping and spent the weekend doing laundry and cleaning and now I feel ready. Actually more then ready.... now I just want her to come so we can meet her. Well maybe she can stay in there for a week or two more, I am sure there are some additional things I could get reorganizing the linen closest. Oh crap I am nesting again!

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