Monday, November 28, 2011

28 weeks later....

Ok... Who got the zombie reference?

I have reached the 28 week mark and Baby is getting BIG!!!! As I was sitting on the couch yesterday admiring my growing bump and reflecting on the past 28 weeks, I realized that slowly I am unable to do something, but that I am also experiencing something for the first time!

Things I cannot do at 28 Weeks:
1- Sleep through the night without getting up at least twice to pee.
2- Put my pants on one leg at a time. I now have to sit down to accomplish this task.
3- Bend over and tie my shoes.

Things I can do at 28 Weeks:
1- Cry at sappy commericals or Lifetime made for TV movies.
2- Waddle.... I officially have the pregnant lady waddle down and I make it look sexy!
3- Still see my toes when I look straight down.

I am sure over the next 12 weeks the list of thing I cannot do will grow immensely and you will all have to listen to me rant about the changes to my body, the lack of sleep, my worries and fears and whatever other fun things are in store.

So,  sit back and enjoy! 

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